2017 Oregon Listing

Listing results will be compiled by Paul Sullivan for publication on the OBA website. A summary will appear in the spring issue of Oregon Birds. The deadline for submission of data is the end of February.
Use the form below to submit your lists for the year 2017, as of December 31. Lists should conform to the ABA Listing Rules (http://listing.aba.org/aba-recording-rules).

The thresholds for publication are as follows:

Oregon State - Life (300)
Oregon State - 2017 (250)
Any County - Life (100)
Any County - 2017 (100)
Motorless- Life (100)
Motorless - 2017 (100)
Circle Count - Life (100)
Circle Count - 2017 (100)
Photographed in Oregon (100)
Yard List (no limit)
Favorite refuge (100)
Favorite spot (100)

State of Oregon: Life

West of the Cascade Crest
East of the Cascade Crest

State of Oregon: Year 2017

County: Life

County: Year 2017


Circle Count

Birds Photographed in Oregon

Yard List

Favorite Refuge

Favorite Spot